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Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing

Lot PS-2
  1. Patent #9,227,220   Method for Patterning Materials on a Substrate 
    (Filed 11/23/2012     Issued 01/05/2016 )

    Electrostatic imaging of materials in solution using a patterning web having embedded electric charges. Includes alignment method and finishing options.

  2. Patent #9,761,620 Method and System for Manufacturing using a Programmable Patterning Structure (Filed 09/19/2016   Issued 09/12/2017)

    Electronic programmability of each deposited layer leads to an agile manufacturing system. Configurable for imaging a gas, a liquid, or a powder. Refinement of alignment method.

  3. Patent Pending   Programmable Charge Storage Arrays and Associated Manufacturing Devices and Systems (Filed 09/05/2017)

    New charge storage array achieves programmability using a simplified system, not requiring semiconductor wafers. Further refinement of alignment method. Configurable for building products using stacked molecular layers.

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