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About Us

Nif/T's key differentiator is ...


at Risk 

Nif/T excels at identifying ideas and teams with high potential for substantial capital growth. It has been doing this for over twenty years.


The Nif/T evaluation and support process was initiated at a Fortune 500 technology firm to nurture and accelerate promising innovation. This initial implementation resulted in several projects that were successfully integrated into corporate product lines. In addition, several of these internal investments were later spun out from the company, attracted VC or corporate funding, and experienced market valuation growth.


Nif/T subsequently refined the process into a unique iterative "Test & Enhance" process. Combined with a very strong experience base in deal making and strategic marketing, this extensively tested process allows us to create unparalleled results for our clients.


Located in Silicon Valley and Israel, and with extensive global business development expertise and contacts, our members have the connections required to facilitate a global perspective. Nif/T also provides a network of associates and affiliates to cover a broad range of technological and operational expertise.

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