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Airplane Friendly Touchpad  
  1. Patent # 8,502,790 Touchpad with Reverse-Mounted Buttons. (Filed: 3/30/2010 Issued: 8/6/2013) 

    Solves the problem of jabbing your neighbor when using a laptop computer on an airplane. A touchscreen laptop can solve the problem, however only recently do some laptops come with touchscreens. At the same time, well over a billion laptops are in use worldwide. The conventionally-located touchpad on a laptop computer causes the user's arm to stick out to the side with their elbow poking their neighbor. This is especially apparent when the space in front of the user is minimal, and even more so when the person seated in front reclines their seat. US patent 8,502,790 attaches a separate assembly to the edge of the laptop's screen. The assembly contains a touchpad on the reverse side facing away from the user, with the associated “mouse buttons” on the front side and facing the user. The user operates the touchpad and buttons with one hand while their arm extends forward, thus avoiding their neighbor. 

  2. Patent Application #13/769,358 Reverse Touchpad for Portable Computers.  (Filed: 2/17/2013)

    Pending Continuation Application of 12/750,553 with priority date of 3/10/2010, and solves the problem when a user purchases a laptop with an integral "reverse touchpad".



Electronic Mirror Patents


  1. Patent # 7,978,246  Electronic Mirror.   (Filed: 3/11/2008       Issued:   7/12/2011)

    Video technology has never been effectively applied to personal grooming and appearance.  This IP makes it happen. Imagine watching a landscape pass by on a widescreen TV while you ride your exercise bike in the Tour de France. Then as you dress for work, imagine the TV rotates into portrait mode and becomes an Electronic Mirror - and a Recording Mirror at that! In real time mirror mode the invention functions like a conventional mirror.  Users can also capture still images, or set it to record a video clip and rotate your body 360 degrees to check your ensemble from all angles.  Images and videos captured on an Electronic Mirror can be transmitted and displayed on PCs, Smart-Phones, and other Electronic Mirrors, enabling users to get opinions from their friends - a new twist on social networking.  Images and videos of previous outfits can be re-called for review, and portions of one outfit can be electronically combined with portions of other outfits to view combinations before they are actually worn.

  2. Patent # 8,451,364   Electronic Mirror.  (Filed: 6/19/2011       Issued:   5/28/2013)

    Continuation of 12/075,516 which issued as US Patent No 7,978,246. Adds method claims to the claims of US Patent No 7,978,246.

  3. Provisional Application # 60/906,755  Electronic Mirror



Electro-Optical Modulator
  1. Patent # 8,044,835    Linearized Optical Digital-to-Analog Modulator.     (Filed: 12/14/2009    Issued:   10/25/2011)

    A modulator device for converting digital data into modulation of an optical signal includes an electronic input for receiving an input data word of N bits and an electrically controllable modulator for modulating the intensity of an optical signal, the modulator including M actuating electrodes where M.gtoreq.N. An electrode actuating device, most preferably a digital-to-digital converter, operates actuating electrodes so that at least one electrode is actuated as a function of values of more than one bit of the input data word. According to an alternative, or supplementary, aspect of the invention, the set of electrodes includes at least one electrode having an effective area which is not interrelated to others of the set by factors of two. In one preferred implementation, a Mach-Zehnder modulator also provides phase modulation to give QAM functionality. Another implementation employs a semiconductor laser.

  2. Patent # US 8,797,198   LINEARIZED OPTICAL DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG MODULATOR   (Filed: 10/25/2011    Issued:   8/5/2014)

    A device for converting digital data into modulation of an optical signal, the device comprising:
    (a) an electronic input configured to receive an input data word of N bits… device or modulator including M actuating electrodes where M>=N;

  3. Patent # US 9,031,417   LINEARIZED OPTICAL DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG MODULATOR   (Filed: 7/8/2014    Issued:   5/12/2015)

    A system for converting digital data into a modulated signal, comprising:
    (a) an electrically controllable device having M actuating electrodes …receiving digital input data words of N bits… where M>N;

  4. Patent # US 9,203,425   LINEARIZED OPTICAL DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG MODULATOR   (Filed: 3/19/2015    Issued:   12/1/2015)

    A circuit for converting a digital input data word having a plurality of bits into a modulated signal…wherein a number of said actuating electrodes is larger than a number of bits in the digital input data word.

  5. Patent # US 9,479,191   LINEARIZED OPTICAL DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG MODULATOR   Filed: 10/25/2015    Issued:   10/25/16)

    A system for converting digital data into a modulated optical signal, comprises an electrically controllable device having M actuating electrodes.

  6. Patent # EP2174185   System and method for converting digital data into an analogue intensity-modulated optical signal   (Filed: 6/12/2008    Issued:   3/23/2015)

    A modulator device for converting digital data into analog modulation of an optical signal includes an electronic input for receiving an input data word of N bits and an electrically controllable modulator  for modulating the intensity of an optical signal, the modulator including M actuating electrodes where M≥N.




E-Marketing Recommendations 
  1. Patent # 8,429,160   User Preference Correlation for Web-based Selection    (Filed: 10/12/2010      Issued:   4/23/2013)

    Enables e-Marketing Businesses to access up to 100x more online product reviews enabling richer and more productive recommendations for online shoppers, as well as earlier and more accurate suggestions shortly after a new product is introduced. For existing e-Marketing websites, the reviews for products are typically harvested only from the website making the offer.  At the same time, there are much greater numbers of reviews for the same product and other products on other websites. To correlate these reviews requires the missing link covered by the claims in US Pat No 8,429,160. 

  2. Patent Application # 13/829,303    User Preference Correlation for Web-based Selection.   (Filed: 3/14/2013)  

    Pending CIP Application No 13/829,303 broadens the claims issued in Pat No 8,429,160, and adds description and claims for correlation using weighted preferences including mixes of positive and negative preferences.  




File Download Patent
  1. Patent # 7,113,981    Cellular Telephone Download Locker.  (Filed: 12/29/2003      Issued:   9/26/2006)

    This patent provides a method by which a user can select arbitrary user data files and deploy the web to copy them from a web-based server database onto any mobile wireless phones. The data files may be arbitrary types, including application programs and multi-media content.  The server sends by text message to the user's wireless phone a URL specific to the file. The user can then access the file from his wireless phone by selecting the URL.

    The process of copying the data file from the web database to the mobile device is initiated by the user, either from a web-connected PC or mobile device itself, by sending a text message containing the file's unique URL to the web-based server database. Files are managed according to a system of user-lockers on the database and the phone.  The claims cover applications of song, book, and other content downloading from a (service provider) server to a mobile communicating device.



Interactive Scheduling Patent
  1. Patent # 7,174,303    Customer Driven, Sponsor Controlled Network-Based Graphical Scheduling System and Method.  (Filed: 7/31/2000            Issued:   2/6/2007)

    A web based scheduling system with broad claims.   A web based graphical scheduling system that focused customer driven appointment scheduling with any retail organization.  A customer initiates a request for an appointment through a web browser and the scheduler that may include a controller synchronized with a desktop or an on-line component of a participating organization.  The participating organization sets the parameters and rules for the scheduling requirements.




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