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Pre-funding Navigation

Nif/T works closely with the client's management team to assess all types of potential sources of funding and select the optimal approach. Sources usually considered are


  • Venture Capitalists

  • Corporate Investors 

  • Angel Investors 

  • Strategic Partners 

  • Bootstrapping


Each of these sources has different priorities, investment criteria, and preferences, which require careful positioning and presentation.


Nif/T works with the client to strengthen and validate their business plan and improve its articulation. Nif/T brings the opportunity to the attention of the appropriate, carefully chosen investors. To achieve this goal, Nif/T relies upon its extensive network of VC business associates, corporate contact network and individual Angels, as well as Nif/T's reputation for identifying and improving innovative, technology based businesses.


Furthermore, Nif/T applies its substantial experience with capital structures and valuations to advise its clients on how to obtain satisfying deals.


Funding from any source is not about raising money exclusively. It is the outcome of forging partnerships with investors that will help the firm achieve its long term goals. Thus,


  • To investors, Nif/T's participation reduces the risk, improves the strategy and increases the probability of success. Because most of Nif/T's compensation is in equity, there is a close and aligned relationship with the investors

  • To its client company, Nif/T provides access to investment sources, an improved investment package, and, ultimately, successful funding. Because most of Nif/T's compensation is in equity, there is a symbiotic relationship with the management team that focuses on achieving results.

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