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Nif/T's key differentiator is ...


at Risk 
How does Nif/T differ from a traditional consulting firm?

Nif/T differs in at least two ways. First, we use our skills to drive a critical event in our client's business; we do not do general consulting leading to studies, reports, etc. Second, we share the risk of accomplishing this event and, of course, we expect to share the rewards associated with it. Simply put, we do not derive the majority of our compensation until a significant financial event is achieved. Nif/T's extensive experience has demonstrated that this is the most effective path to success. 

What form of compensation does Nif/T receive?

Nif/T receives compensation in the form of both cash and equity, with a strong preference toward equity, or other in-kind compensation. 

Why do I need anyone to help me?

Nif/T helps its clients achieve focus, sometimes for a new venture and other times to improve an existing venture. The architecting and re-architecting that Nif/T provides is one of the most difficult things for a company to try to perform on its own. Achieving the right focus in today's highly competitive environment is usually the single most important factor in making sure that the founders and other stakeholders monetize their investments. Nif/T's experience helps you avoid mistakes, gets the job done faster, and improves the outcome. Even the most accomplished entrepreneurs will make such a critical decision twice or three times. Nif/T partners have evaluated and driven and supported dozens of these critical decisions. 


Does Nif/T provide its clients with contacts in the VC community?


Yes. However, Nif/T works with firms that wish to further enhance their value. To achieve this, Nif/T partners and associates expend significant time and effort working closely with its clients. The value of Nif/T's contacts is only a small fraction of Nif/T's investment into each client

Does Nif/T raise the money for me?

Nif/T assists clients every step of the way. However, this does not preclude the need for a strong management team to continue relationships with investors and partners. Nif/T occasionally provides interim staff to fill gaps in capabilities while helping to recruit the right team as required. 


Why choose Nif/T?

Nif/T’s strong focus on aligning with our clients, combined with our professional experiences, has been demonstrated to increase shareholder value. Nif/T believes that interpersonal fit is as important as qualifications and talent. To make your decision about NIf/T, meet with us. Both you and Nif/T need to be convinced that the partnership will produce a mutually rewarding experience. 


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