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Nif/T performs as a Catalyst Partner for


  • Start-up firms


  • New Business within established firms


  • Corporate Spin-outs




Nif/T leverages its marketing, technology, finance and transaction skills to drive a critical event for each of its clients. Such events include fundraising (VCs, corporate, etc.), strategic partnerships, and M&A activities.


Nif/T provides introductions to appropriate potential investors or partners and closely assists in driving and negotiating a deal. However, Nif/T strongly believes that the most significant enhancements to both the probability of success and the quality of the outcome are derived by thorough preparation before approaching potential investors or partners. Nif/T provides the following services:

  • Business Plan review
    Nif/T works with the client to refine the business plan to promote the utmost inherent value of the client firm. Nif/T focuses on market positioning, market validation, product development, economic model, financial structure, and intellectual property strategy. 

  • Partner Selection
    Nif/T and the client carefully select candidate partners that will be the best long term fit. Nif/T develops a strategy on how, and in what order, to approach each potential partner. 

  • Client Training
    Nif/T fine tunes the articulation of the plan and trains the client on best practices and potential pitfalls in building a relationship with the selected partners.

  • Due Diligence Preparation
    Nif/T reviews, organizes, and analyzes the client's financial, legal, and intellectual property documents to expedite subsequent due diligence by investors. As a result, Nif/T significantly improves the valuation of client firms before seeking capital, or the investment results when representing corporate investors.


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