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Nif/T performs as a Catalyst Partner for


  • Start-up firms


  • New Business within established firms


  • Corporate Spin-outs




We strongly prefer submissions of projects on business development or intellectual property activities, projects that are referred to us by a source we know. Such a source may be a Nif/T member, a CEO of a client firm, a venture capitalist with whom we have worked, or a similar intermediary. We typically do not review business plans received without a known referral.



Nif/T, LLC Headquarters

1237 Mesa Circle
Reno, NV 89511
Phone +1.775.376.1468

Team Canada

Ottawa, Canada
Phone +1.613.884.0172

Team Washington

Seattle, WA
Phone +1.408.823.4732

Port Angeles, WA
Phone +1.408.313.1990

Team California


Phone +1.408.892.1449

Silicon Valley

Phone +1.408.395.2160

Team Israel

Ra’anana, Israel
Phone +972.54.522.5373

Team India

Kochi, Kerala, India
Phone +91.904.802.6349

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