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Strategic Partnerships

Nif/T works with its customers to identify the structure of and assist with the negotiation of key strategic agreements. Nif/T focuses on partnerships that enable clients to:


  • Access a large market

  • Gain credibility

  • Accelerate their development

  • Expand their product scope


These partnerships usually take the form of:


  • Joint Ventures

  • OEM agreements

  • Licensing

  • Corporate investments


Nif/T leads the development of creative but robust economic models, identifies target firms and finds the value propositions to both parties. With this in place, Nif/T assists its client firms to map out the negotiating strategy, drive to deal closure, and define the post deal business plan.


Engaging large firms requires significant experience to maneuver through the corporate maze, identify the decision makers, overcome natural resistance to deal with startups, and the tendency to exploit startups. Nif/T is skilled at surmounting all of these obstacles, and guiding its customers through the process.

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