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Nif/T Client

Acquired by

Nif/T Client

Acquired by

digiGroups, Inc.

This company developed a technology that reorganizes information on the web in a way that dramatically enhances usability and search. Nif/T assisted the founders to form the company, to select the target market segment and create a market validation process. Nif/T helped raise over one million dollars in private funding.

digiGroups merged in late 2001 with Noosh Corp.

"… And indeed, working with Nif/T, we developed some initial business plans,
began to understand the dynamics of start-up formation and fundraising, and
started to think like a company… With your help, we were soon exposed to the venture capital community and, later, to the angel investment community where we eventually raised our first round of funding... to cite an old proverb, you not only gave us some fish, but you also taught us how to fish. Indeed, exposure to the dynamic Nif/T team was an invaluable learning ground…"

Dr. Uri Sarid
CEO & Founder,
digiGroups, Inc., Ltd.

VLScom has developed PerceptiView™, a proprietary perceptual and video compression technology that releases
significant amounts of transmission bandwidth, by reducing 35% to 50% of the bit rate of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, the video
compression standards. This is achieved without compromising image quality and without any change required in the standard
compression decoders that are used commercially today. Nif/T has worked closely with VLS to establish the best strategy for licensing versus acquisition of their technology and successfully close their first licensing agreement.

Interra Digital Video Technologies, Inc.

Interra DVT developed software solutions for video publishing and broadcast applications to facilitate the rapid development of products and content based on digital video standards (MPEG). The key revenue generating products were in the media analysis arena. Nif/T worked with Interra to access the growth paths, concluding that it would be difficult for them
to grow as an independent firm in this market and financial investment environment. Consequently, Nif/T assisted Interra to merge with ManyStreams, Inc., whose mission is to develop and market intelligent networking products for Interactive Television service providers.

Estimotion, Inc.

The company developed road traffic prediction technology. The product aggregates data from many sources, including roaming cellular phones, and constructs a map of traffic congestion and
traffic forecasts. With Nif/T's help, the company shifted its strategy from a service provider to a software vendor. It also
changed its market focus from US cellular operators to European traffic service providers. Nif/T helped the company build its business team and land its first customer and first OEM partner.  


Subsequently, Nif/T assisted Estimotion in its successful merging with ITIS Holdingsplc. in the UK.


“ Nif/T provided valuable guidance in allaspects of our company’s management evolution and fund raising. By working with Nif/T we developed all the elements that a business needs: plans, business model, market assessment and validation, etc.  

Furthermore, we began to understand the business development and fundraising issues and started to think like a more mature company. Indeed, the Nif/T team was an invaluable learning vehicle for us and they mentored us and supported us in all aspects of our activities during the 3 years period that we worked with them!


… They were an integral part of oursuccess in merging Estimotion with iTIS. Their assistance in structuring this deal, and with all aspects of the negotiations, is greatly appreciated…”


Dr. Israel Feldman

President & CEO

Certagon, Ltd.

Certagon's software enables IT organizations to quickly pinpoint the root cause of problems in their infrastructure, and to prioritize them by their impact on the business.


Nif/T assisted Certagon in formulating their business and product strategy, leading to their first round of VC funding. Nif/T continued working with the company after the round to recruit their management team and to further develop their product and penetration strategies.

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