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Intellectual Property

Over 1,000 patents from more than 100 firms have been processed through this system. Over 450 of these have gone through full review by the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) and the success rate exceeds 95%.


The IP Catalyst service of Nif/T involves:


  • Patent portfolio strategy

  • Individual patent application development

  • Patent assessment for Freedom To Operate (FTO)

  • Patent assessment for Indication of Use (IOU)

  • Patent validity analysis

  • Patent infringement analysis


The domains of patent development that we are involved with are shown below. At least five (5) patents have been filed in a domain in order to be listed below, and, in some domains, over 50 patents have been filed. 


List of domains and number of patents in each: 

  • Digital design /devices

  • Analog design/device

  • Embedded flash and SRAM memories

  • Semiconductor manufacturing

  • MEMS

  • Packet networks

  • High speed wired comm.

  • Wireless

  • Internet appliances

  • Networked storage


  • CAE

  • Database

  • Internet applications

  • Network security

  • Operating systems


Image Processing
  • Video processing

  • Vision systems




(a partial list in alphabetical order)

Provides HD transmission and reception capability (up to 1080p) over wireless to multiple display devices simultaneously.

Wireless transmission of uncompressed high-definition video is a core technology of Amimon.

An EDA company that provides post route optimization tools for quickly and easily achieving timing closure after routing at the level of accuracy required for nanometer design.

Patent protection for dual function Flash and EEPROM as well as test methods.


"… the high quality document required a minimal effort
from us … it was the shortest time to filing…"

--Ali Pourkeramati, CEO, President

Protection of IP for design collaboration solutions as well as
DFT methods.


"Initially I was not sure of the value to Atrenta so we opted for a test case; now I am a believer... this is a must use service"

--Dr. Ajoy Bose, Chairman, CEO & President

Patents for solution in the field of fixed broadband wireless system, operating in the unlicensed bands, based on the DOCSIS protocol.

Merged with CoWave Corp. into ArcWave, Inc.

Certagon develops solutions for real-time visibility into crossapplication, cross-organization transactions at both the performance and functional level.

Patents focus on highly scalable network storage solutions including architecture, systems, and a variety of methods and sub-systems


"… you are serving a real need at the highest professional standards…"

Dr. Giora Yaron, CEO

Develops machine technologies for the improvement of production processes.

Manages and delivers non-intrusive, personalized, interactive mobile video ad campaigns based on demographics, behavioral patterns, context and location.

An application on mixing voice messages with music, sounds, or other background content. This applies to Web 2 social networking as well as cellular telephony personal messaging.

Patents in the field of voice over IP traffic management.

Acquired by Juniper Networks.

Analogix Semiconductor specializes in very high speed mixed-signal chips offering solutions to enterprise networking, storage, and server systems

Nanconduction focuses its efforts in the creation of substrates containing carbon nano-tubes (CNTs) in a variety of applications.

Patents in the areas of devices for IP service engineering, architectures, sub-systems and a variety of applications.

Acquired by Cisco Systems

"… this excellent service is effective and provides us with the results we need…"


Yuval Shahar, President & CEO

Filings for protecting non-line of sight solutions for wireless transmission

PayScale provides an interactive web-based tool for surveying and providing user customized salary information.

Offers immediate deployment solutions to expand and improve wireless coverage quickly and seamlessly by utilizing existing infrastructure of properties within its location-base.

RightOrder develops infrastructure software that optimizes the interaction between enterprise applications and data. The technologies enable faster application performance, reduced IT costs, greater return on capital investments, and ultimately, increased business productivity.

Develops software for tracing and monitoring the flow of chip design.

A breakthrough solution for addressing the semiconductor
leakage problems in deep-submicron processing technologies.

Patents in the field of hardware implementation of IP-based
storage networks.

Acquired by Brocade

"Using the IP catalyst service made the process of developing IP strategy and developing patents a breeze…"

Danny Biran, President & CEO

Tak Imaging designs and markets printer controllers for laser and inkjet printers.

Focusing on e-learning products that improve learning and increase enrollment at educational institutions.

A leader in designed RF circuits Theta Microelectronics protects basic designs that provide significant advantage in both SiGe and CMOS circuit designs.

Tower is an Israeli foundry focusing on special manufacturing processes, such as wireless radio chips, CMOS image sensors, flash memory devices. Nif/T has performed several major projects in positioning their IP as part of positioning their overall business.

Top Team is a Data Management Company offering a true intuitive end-user graphical reporting tool, presenting a completely new reporting paradigm.

A state-of-the art technology for still and video pre- and post-processing that allows for better image display and print.

Harvesting potential inventions from geographically remote design centers is a challenge for large firms. Nif/T has accomplished this for Zoran.

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