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Derailed Projects

Nif/T undertakes projects, at an early phase of their life, with considerable level of risk. Of course, Nif/T fully shares this risk along with the management and owners of their client firms. Therefore, it is not surprising that certain projects get derailed for various reasons.

PULSARadio Corporation

This firm was developing a fixed broadband wireless technology that eliminates the "truck roll" expense during initial deployment as well as during expansion of the network through "cell-splitting". Nif/T worked with them to optimize their market positioning, technology development direction and assist them with fundraising strategy. 


With the collapse of the communications investments in mid 2001, including most of wireless, this project became non-fundable.

Right Order, Inc.

This company was developing a breakthrough technology in "index fabric" for managing electronic catalogs to be used by net-markets and private exchanges. Nif/T assisted them with strategy development, market positioning and fund raising efforts.

With the collapse of the dotcoms, including the net markets, and
despite efforts to reposition this technology as middleware fordatabase products, this projectbecame non-fundable during that time.

3DScope, Ltd.

Based both in Israel and Silicon Valley, this firm's proprietary technology provided an efficient generation of 3D graphics, but also a good example of a superb technology looking for a significant problem to solve. The Nif/T team assisted this firm in identifying the key strengths against competitive offerings, finally positioning it for eShops and Portals web applications. This enabled them to re-target their engineering development to address such markets and position it for first round VC funding.

With the collapse of the dotcoms, as well as the drastic reduction in eShop interest by service providers, this technology became non-fundable.

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