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Scorecard - Semiconductors

Nif/T Client

Acquired by

Virage Logic, Corp.

Specializing in CAD tools for embedded memory compilers for semiconductor devices, Nif/T was instrumental in assisting
this firm with their Series B fundraising and strategic positioning.. This firm had its IPO in '00 with a market capitalization of approximately $350M and during the following two years it doubled its market value. Nif/T subsequently worked as an advisor to the CEO for a period of two years.

Information Storage Devices, Inc.

Nif/T assisted this medium size semiconductor firm in acquiring a software intensive chip business in a deal valued
approximately $10 M. This technology became within two years 20% of the acquiring firm's revenue and over 50% of their gross margin.

Tower Semiconductor, Ltd.

Nif/T was assigned to develop the economic model for a major expansion of this Foundry, requiring a total capital of $1.5 B, and negotiate the key agreements toward effecting this Joint Venture. As such, Nif/T negotiated with multinational high tech firms in three continents, putting in place a $60 M technology license and negotiating investments of $180 M from four strategic wafer partners and the corresponding wafer consumption agreements valued at over $1B.


"… Against all odds, in a very problematicperiod, we completed agreements enablingus to embark on our ambitious project tobuild a new wafer fab at an investment of $1.5 billion…. I would like to state it clearly:this achievement would not have beenpossible without your advice, guidance anddedicated effort over the past year... duringthis year, I learnt not only to appreciate yourbrilliant deal making skills, intelligence andanalytical capabilities, but also to fully trustyour senses and gut feelings when it cameto the people behind the deals… you andyour associates create an amazing powerengine. Every company facing a difficultstrategic challenge would be blessed to getthe kind of support you and your teamprovided Tower…"


Dr. Yoav Nissan-Cohen


Tower Seminconductor, Ltd.

Reflectivity, Inc.

Nif/T has worked with this Silicon Valley
based start up, which is developing a
proprietary micromirror display that
significantly enhances cost-performance of
display devices and enables lower cost and
more portable business projectors and
monitors, since its inception. Nif/T
functioned in a marketing consulting
capacity and has assisted in developing the
business plan and initial customer

Azalea Microelectronics Corp.

This firm specializes in low voltage operation and natural dual functionality (flash and EEPROM) for embedded memories in semiconductor devices. Nif/T was instrumental in assisting this firm with their strategic positioning and their Series A fundraising form corporate strategic investors.  


During a follow on assignment with Azalea, Nif/T was instrumental in the closing of astrategic licensing agreement with MicrochipCorp., closing a strategic foundry agreementwith Vanguard Semiconductor, Inc., and recruiting an excellent new Board member.


"… I would like to thank you and your Nif/Tteam for an outstanding job you have donein successfully closing Azalea's first round offinancing. I am grateful for your assistance,advice, and valuable guidance intransforming Azalea from a Design Servicecompany to a Technology and ProductCompany


… Your tenacity and depth of knowledge inthe business, your intelligence andexperience in legal and financial mattersmade Azalea's first round of financingpossible…"


Ali PourkeramatiChairman

President and CEO

Azalea Microelectronics Corp.

Agate Semiconductor Corp.

Following a thorough technical and
marketing assessment of this multi-level
flash technology, Nif/T assisted the founder
to conclude that their firm's best path would
be to be acquired by a leader in this
industry. Consequently, Nif/T facilitated the
negotiations for this acquisition by Storage
System Technologies (SST) at a value of

"…I would like to thank you and the Nif/T
team for your outstanding efforts and patient
persistence, which resulted in the
successful closing of the acquisition of
Agate Semiconductor by Silicon Storage
Technology (SST)… Your advice and
guidance with the negotiation, the final
valuation, and the individual interface with
key SST management, including the CEO,
CFO, and various directors… I should
mention your help to me personally as you
strengthened my convictions that this deal
would be the right thing for all those
involved as well as myself…"


Sakhawat Khan

President & CEO
Agate Seminconductors Corp.

Atrenta Corp.

Nif/T worked closely with Atrenta to reposition it from an electronics design automation (EDA) play to a collaborative design infrastructure and content creation company. It also helped Atrenta to transition from an software engineering services business to a product company. Their technology was based on their adaptive "look ahead' software engine. Nif/T proposed a new business model for the firm which yielded an enhanced revenue model. With Nif/T's guidance, Atrenta was able to attract a legendary Board member, and closed its first series of VC funding from Venrock Associates and key strategic investors. Nif/T also assisted them with the development of their patent portfolio.

" I would like to thank you and your team for your invaluable assistance in finalizing our business strategy and successfully closing our Series A round of financing. You provided us with very valuable guidance and often contributed some brilliant insights and recommendations in helping expand the vision of our business. I firmly believe that the impact of your contributions will have a profound long term positive impact on the level of success that we can achieve as a company. I and the other members of our team were often awed at what the different perspectives that you and your partners brought into our plans helping make our business strategy more and more
compelling and attractive to investors…"

Dr. Ajoy K. Bose
Chairman, President & CEO
Atrenta Corp

Theta Microelectronics, Inc.


Nif/T assisted this European design firm, specializing in high frequency mixed analog digital chip designs, in making the transition from a contract design business to a products and IP firm. Specifically, Nif/T guided them in developing their early product strategy into the wireless RF arena, facilitated attracting VC's, assisted in closing their Series A investment, led the firm's transition into a US operation, and identified a new CEO for the US firm.


"… Theta has been established as a Silicon Valley firm and has just completed its Series Around of finance, key milestones in the growth of the company. The completion of a Series Around of finance, during a year that was considered to be one of the worst for the semiconductor industry, could not have been achieved without Nif/T's help. … you have proven to be a valuable resource in the different phases of this project. Your team's management and semiconductor industry experience, along with Nif/T's extensive network of industry contacts, has helped us to position the company, validate its technology and product roadmap, and demonstrate to the investors the value of Theta…"


Theodoros Varelas

Chief Executive Officer

Theta Microelectronics, Inc.


"… Your expert advice, your initiatives, your artful negotiations with the VCs and, in general, your decisive contributions during the eighteen months we have worked together are much appreciated. It is a true asset for a small company to have access to such a wealth of experience…"


Dr. Yannis Tsividis


SemiSolutions, LLC

Nif/T was asked by the technical founders of this firm to join them in the navigation of all aspects of their business. Based on their initial invention for reducing leakage in sub 100 nm semiconductor devices, Nif/T attracted additional technical members to assist in improving the inventions. Furthermore, Nif/T develop strategic partners with major semiconductor corporations in validating the technology and orchestrated the fundraising activities for getting the required funds to prove thetechnology on silicon.Nif/T also assisted them with thedevelopment of their patent portfolio.

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