Catalyst to Strategic Transactions

Nif/T performs as a Catalyst Partner for


  • Start-up firms


  • New Business within established firms


  • Corporate Spin-outs




Since 1997, Nif/T has assisted over a hundred early-stage and emerging technology firms to achieve the twin goals of effective commercialization of new technologies and improved financial valuation. Nif/T typically advises on the following strategic transactions:


  • Strategic alliances

  • Exit monetization

  • Fund raising

  • Intellectual property protection & monetization


Success Based Compensation


At Nif/T, we see our role as assisting our clients to reach significant and tangible milestones.  We align our interests directly with those of our clients by sharing the risks and rewards of these joint efforts. We perform as “embedded advisors” with our clients.   Our only fee-based compensation is for Patent Assessment when not connected to a broader Nif/T project.


Industry Focus


Our industry focus is on high-tech, typically involving patentable technologies in segments such as communications; infrastructure and enterprise software; and, semiconductor based products, technologies and services.


Strategic Transactions


Nif/T assists its clients in navigating toward strategic transactions such as alliances, mergers & acquisitions, and fund raising.  Because of our success-based compensation, Nif/T focuses its efforts on creating and closing a transaction. 

Nif/T analyzes the client’s market dynamics and product/technology offering.  It helps create or refine the value proposition, including the executive summary, investor presentation, or customer presentation and approach, as may be appropriate.

Nif/T identifies potential targets, engages them, and leads, alongside with its client, the negotiation with them. All final decisions about the transaction and its terms are made by the client.


Leveraging Intellectual Property


Nif/T’s long experience with technology based companies has led us to understanding the strategic need for protecting intellectual property by early stage companies, and to create a method for optimizing the development of a patent portfolio.  Nif/T’s methodology is so innovative, that the US Patent Office granted Nif/T a patent protecting it!  Nif/T’s approach is milestone driven, and is in partnership with world-class IP attorneys.  Over 120 clients have filed over 1,000 patents with Nif/T’s assistance -- of which over 400 have been issued.

Nif/T leverages its significant experience in evaluating and dealing with IP to offer advice on how to monetize IP, either by licensing, selling, or asserting our clients’ IP assets.  Monetizing these valuable assets can provide additional financing, competitive position enhancement, or in some cases re-capture of investor equity value. Nif/T's approach includes a proprietary method for IP portfolio evaluation and uncovering potential transaction targets. In these efforts, Nif/T also works in tandem with patent attorneys and other IP technology specialists.

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