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Extensive Portfolio of Flash Memory Patents For Sale

IP experts Nif/T, LLC today announced for license or outright sale an important portfolio containing 19 flash memory patents

Jun. 25, 2014 - LOS GATOS, Calif. -- Flash memory today is more than just thumb drives and storage for MP3 players. Today it’s everywhere - embedded in a myriad of consumer electronics, automotive systems, and home appliances, to name only a few applications. In all, the available portfolio comprises 17 US patents, 1 Taiwan patent, and 1 Singapore patent.  These assets are segmented into 3 lots where each lot can be purchased or licensed either separately or together.  Patented structures and methods focus on CACT (Channel Accelerated Carrier Tunneling) and TG (Tunnel Gun) technologies, as well as high temperature, high reliability embedded NVM structures. CACT and TG are enablers for advanced low voltage program and erase applications.

Lot 1


US P/N 7,376,014 covers a nonvolatile memory whose reliability and endurance have been improved by reducing the impact of disturbs and also ensuring isolation from neighboring cells.







US P/N 7,583,530 covers structures for storing more than one bit in a cell – at differing locations using a non-spreading storage medium.







US P/N 7,149,125 and 7,227,786 cover location specific storage cell structures and operation, including low voltage programming and erase methods.


US P/N 7,224,620 (illustrated to the right) and7,193,900 cover programming and erase capability based on the CACT and TG Program erase methods for programming and erasing of a non-volatile memory cell.


US P/N 5,506,431 and 5,519,653 cover low voltage programming where the acceleration of carriers is used to reduce the voltage needed to overcome the potential barrier.





Lot 2

US P/N 5,790,455; 5,986,931; 6,201,732;6,574,140  (illustrated to the right); 110307(Taiwan); and 64015 (Singapore), are applicable to embedded and medium size NVM arrays with very high retention and read-write cycling capability.


US P/N 6,451,652 minimizes the masks used for self-alignment during manufacturing.


US P/N 6,411,545 covers a non-volatile latch for high reliability embedded applications.







Lot 3

US P/N 6,534,816; 6,479,863 (illustrated to the right); and 6,384,451 cover various tunneling charge injector functionalities for floating gate memory cells.

Further details about the Flash Memory portfolio for sale are available at:

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